Roope Tommola


Roope Tommola is in his dream job right now  "In the warehouse, every day is super-different" 


- When the military service ended in 2011, I had to get a job somewhere. I found myself working as a warehouseman in a warehouse, Roope Tommola from Transval starts. 

It's a familiar story: many people who have finished school, for example, are wondering what kind of job to get. Quite often, a job is found in logistics, where you can start even without extensive training. 

- After my first job, I moved to the warehouse to unload containers, receive and collect products, then after a couple of years I joined the quality team. I openly said I wanted to progress in my career and pretty quickly I progressed to team leader and supervisor. Now for the last year or so I've been working in our warehouse as a project manager. Our team is responsible for receiving new business customers - we're talking takeovers - and moves in our warehouses. 

 "I think I have the greatest job and colleagues in the world right now." 

 Roope particularly enjoys the fact that every day is super-different. Every business customer and customer need is different. Roope also gets to move between different warehouses - which means he gets to meet new colleagues. 

- My supervisor trusts me to do my job to the best of my ability. I live in Lahti and our warehouses in Pennala, next to Lahti, are very familiar. Now I get to do customer implementations in our other warehouse units, too, like in Vantaa and Tuusula. In each warehouse I get new colleagues and learn different ways of working, every customer's needs are different. I really enjoy this variety. I think I have the greatest job and colleagues in the world right now. 

And who would you recommend a job in logistics to? 

- I cannot think of anyone I wouldn't recommend it to. You can get into the industry even if you have no training, the induction is taken care of in-house. You can grow and develop according to your own skills and willingness. We also have our own training unit, Transval Academy. It offers industry-specific learning. I have a basic warehouse degree and a yellow belt in lean sig sigma. My goal is a black belt and a tradesman's degree. The time for these will come at some point, but right now I'm in my dream job and enjoying my working days every day," says 30-year-old Roope. 


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