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Finland's number one job for logistics professionals

Is logistics your thing? Do you want to make sure that your customer's goods are in the right place at the right time? Do you want to work in a good team? Welcome to the fair and honest atmosphere at Transval, where every single one of our experts builds the best logistics service for our customers every moment.

Our services are focused on in-house logistics, so the jobs we offer are always related in some way to the different aspects of our customers' logistics in terminals, warehouses and production processes.

We offer interesting and varied career opportunities, including job rotation between different functions and locations, comprehensive training opportunities and a rewarding remuneration system.

We are ready to help you in your job search and, if necessary, to train you for the job - whether you are in the early stages of your career or have more extensive experience. For us, it's all about the attitude #asenneratkaisee. If you're energetic and have an upbeat attitude, you're welcome to join us and make our customers' lives easier.

We offer part-time, seasonal, temporary and permanent positions that are flexible to suit different life situations. You will have the opportunity to develop in your job and thereby open up new options for your own career in an interesting field.

We invest in our people through good leadership, training and continuous improvement of our practices. As an employer, we will always ensure that we fulfil our obligations as an employer and comply with our Code of Conduct. We want to continuously improve and take good care of our staff.

You can also watch interviews with our employees on our YouTube channel.

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