Arttu Pentikäinen


Artu's recipe: a positive attitude and initiative are the keys to career progression


Arttu Pentikäinen, Operational Manager, Terminal Management Support and Development

Arttu represents a Transval employee who has come to Tranval through a transfer of business and wanted to stay with us to build his career. Arttu has a strong drive to move forward and through this he has been able to take on a variety of roles at Transval. Artu's job description includes running his own unit, terminal management support and development. In addition to running his unit, he works on various projects, e.g. supporting the operational management in planning new regional developments.

Arttu started working at the airport in 2007 as a cargo man. In spring 2011 Arttu joined Transval as a shift supervisor and in spring 2015 he became the unit's Operations Manager.

"As a Chief, you already get to build the mission statement a lot yourself. I like to do the job my way. Management monitors the work and provides support when needed. The networks and support from the rest of the organization are also important to me and enable me to progress in my career. My own interest and activity have been essential - being enthusiastic and involved has also opened up new opportunities."

Arttu has progressed in his career by doing his work as well as possible and whenever new opportunities have come up, Arttu has expressed his willingness to take up the challenge. This has also been noticed and opportunities have come his way. Now Arttu is involved in the Teath Facilitator training and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. The dream would be to raise the belt level to black.

In addition to operational management, a normal day includes working on various projects, building something new and training as a supervisor. Arttu is also currently involved in planning a new business area for the construction logistics side of the business.

"During the day you have to be able to manage many different entities and being systematic is an important part of the job. If there was no systematicity, you wouldn't get anything done when there are many different tasks going on at the same time."

"We have a good team working and everyone is valued as a person. The future is exactly where you want it to go when you have a positive attitude and an energetic spirit. I believe that Transval is just the tip of the iceberg and I want to be part of building Transval."


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